20 REASONS TO DISCOVER MENORCAWalking the Camí de Cavalls path is arguably the best way to experience all aspects of Menorca: its wonderful landscape, its cuisine, its culture and history. The island has been declared a Biosphere Reserve because of its extraordinary natural heritage.

More than a mere path: the history of the «Camí de Cavalls»

The Camí de Cavalls has a special significance for the local population, and not simply a historical one. The resurgence of the path is the result of hard work on behalf of many people, who believed it should be available as a public right of way, for cultural and social, as well as historical reasons.

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Discover the 20 stages of the Camí de Cavalls

Each stretch of the path is full of surprises, each one an excellent opportunity to explore the environmental factors that make Menorca such an amazing place, and to find out more about the history of Menorca. Want to take up the challenge? You will fall in love with the place.

Maó - es Grau

The first section begins at the end of Maó’s port and continues by road to the small village of Sa Mesquida, where there is a defence tower that was built during the British rule of the island in the 18th century.

9,96 km
244 m
244 m
65 m
1 m

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Safety and consideration first and foremost

To make the most of the walk and for everyone to enjoy coming here, it is important to remember you are in a natural environment of great beauty. Respect the environment and be considerate towards other users of the path. Keep a cool head at all times. Plan your route carefully and make sure you take everything you need with you on the hike.

Respect the environment
Take all your rubbish home
In case of emergency phone 112
Always ensure you take sufficient water with you
Always keep to the path
Respect the peace of the countryside
Always close the gates

Interactive map

Discover everything about the Camí de Cavalls by scrolling over the map. Make the most of this unique pathway: there is lots of information on each point.

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Menorca Biosphere Reserve

Menorca Reserva

Menorca is a territory that has been highly shaped by its inhabitants over many centuries. UNESCO declared the island of Menorca a Biosphere Reserve on the 8th of October, 1993, in recognition of the high level of compatibility achieved between the conservation of its rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage, and the economic and social development of its communities. Its Mediterranean landscapes are currently of exceptional quality.

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